Nutmeg the Woodland Walnut is an upcoming and unreleased Moshling in Moshi Monsters in the Nutties set. He was
Nutmeg HQ


first seen in a Summer of Moshlings, Moshi Monsters advertisement.

His name was confirmed in Issue #33 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine. Nutmeg is also featured in the Series 8 Moshling Figurines, released on October 18th, 2013.


Serious nature nuts, these eco-friendly Moshlings are always trying to protect the Moshi environment from interfering monsters. When they are not hugging trees or whistling folk music to endangered naffodils, Woodland Walnuts enjoy shining their leafy ears with organic dewdrops.


Gardening shows and orienteering.


Threshing machines and petrolheads.