Marty the Mouthy Mogul is an Ultra Rare, unreleased Moshling in the Movies set in Moshi Monsters, resembling a director with a megaphone.

His design and name was found in Isuue #33 of the Moshi Mosters Magazine  where he was featured as a sticker. In the release of the Moshling Madness, it was confirmed he was in the Movies set.


Feared by actors, loved by movie fans, Mouthy Moguls are the noisy Moshlings that think life is one gigantic movie set. Cover your ears if you see one in the streets because it might throw a tantrum and yell 'CUT!', especially if it thinks you are acting in a wooden manner.


Yelling 'CUT!' and screaming at Flat-Tailed Fuzzles.


All-Seeing Moment Munchers and ham.


Most Mouthy Moguls live in lavish trailers parked in the back lot of the Moshi TV Studios.