Lummox the Humongous Hogsnorter is a released Moshling in the Sporties category. Lummox's name was released
Lummox Profile


in the zoo on August 12th 2013, the same day Betty's name was removed concluding that he replaced her.

He is a bull with two blue horns, brown hair, a heart tattoo, spike bands and a piece of brown teared cloth around his waist.


Ooh, check out those biceps! And the abs! And the pecs! In fact Humongous Hogsnorters are buff all over because they spend hours pumping iron (well okay, lifting little tins of gloop soup). But there?s more to these buff beefcakes than mere muscles, as they also enjoy knitting titchy loincloths whilst listening to retro hair metal. Grrrrr!


Bad action movies and Oochie Poochies.


Facefuls of sand and lazy Moshlings.