Jibbly the Dearly-Departed Nibbly is an Ultra-Rare Moshling in Moshi Monsters in the Screamies set, resembling a zombie.

He was released as part of Moshis vs Ghosts on October 17th along with the other Moshlings Glob, Randall, Marsha
Jibb 31


and Hoolio.


It's not easy being a debonair high-roller when you can't resist snacking on fellow Moshlings. Luckily, Dearly-Departed Nibblies only get peckish at night, so they can enjoy spending their days drooling over the finer things in life, such as vintage wobble-ade, swing music and rancid eyeball roulette.


Fresh meat and funky finger clicking.


Hippies and sledgehammers.