Glob the Gone-Wrong Blob is a released Moshling in the Screamies set in Moshi Monsters. He is a pink blob similar to Sweeney Blob.

Glob was released on October 17th 2013 as a reward for the Moshis vs Ghosts saga. He was also seen in the Zombie Shuffle video on the Daily Growl which was posted on October 16th 2013.


The result of a series of failed experiments, Gone-Wrong Blobs are the squishy squashy Moshlings in search of a cure. You see, these well-meaning dollops were once monstery professors whose attemp to make a mega Moshling went horribly wrong due to a spelling mistake in a teleporter instruction book.


Sub-molecular Moshiology and flower pressing.


Discarded chewing gum and stairs.


You often see these shapeless Moshlings squishing around Tamara Tesla's lab, but many Gone-Wrong Blobs flock to the tunnels beneath the Moshi Fun Park.