Big Bad Bill the Woolly Blue Hoodoo is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the Spookies set. You meet him at the Unknown


of Music Island during Bungle in the Jungle.

He was also voted the Spookiest Moshling in the Spookies set as of the Daily Growl on the 10th October, 2012 and was featured on the Halloween Daily Growl cover.


Woolly Blue Hoodoos are wise, old Moshlings who know everything about lotions, potions, hexes and spells. If you've got a pain in the rear, or a bug in your ear, these helpful furballs will cure it before you can say 'umba-wanga-thlunk'. Maybe even faster. They are never seen without their mystical Staffs of Power. Woolly Blue Hoodoos are really scared of teaspoons. Maybe they don't like their own medicine.


Deep massage and deep fried Oobla Doobla


Clowns and itchy eyeballs